Conflict mediation,
the choice of a
win-win outcome

Our Mission

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the capital of assisted negotiations and at the heart of Europe. The SA GENEVACCORD ADR is comprised of professional mediators with extensive conflict resolution experience at both the national and international levels in fields ranging from commercial, intercultural, administrative to political.

Our objective is to allow for conflicting parties to express themselves freely so as to reestablish a constructive dialog. As mediators-facilitators, we specialize in helping our clients find a dynamic solution through the channeling of their own creativity.

In addition, GENEVACCORD ADR also prepares mediators candidates for their official accreditation.

Understanding mediation

Our team

Mediators, lecturers, basic to advanced training providers, ongoing training instructors, researchers at the first Mediation Process Research Academy, political advisors and promotional ambassadors for conflict mediation :

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