n°3 January 2014

The 3 minutes of GENEVACCORD ADR

Company leaders, do not miss INTERCULTURAL MEDIATION !!!!

Companies are a perfect picture of our globalised society, where people from different origins, nationalities and cultures live.
In many cases, each person’s cultural context will contribute to determine their behaviour and relation to their environment. This is the key to mutual understanding.
Mutual knowledge between individuals within a group is essential for a team, for the executives and the management, if they want to reach their objectives.
Good results depend on all those who, at all levels, work together, and increase when all these persons feel understood, appreciated and accepted.
Intercultural mediation, intra-companies, in its preventive sector as well as in conflict resolution, is a creative and innovative tool that the company should use to be successful.

This intra-company method of sensitization to conflict mediation allows to attain good internal relations, and good relations with external partners in an international multicultural environment.
Thus, the company will observe a very low absenteeism rate, quality products and a growing turnover.

In case of an inter-company conflict, conflict mediation is the most appropriate tool to solve the situation immediately, in a quick and economical way.

Julia Quintanar Cabello (photo), GENEVACCORD ADR consultant, intercultural mediator.

The General Assembly of GENEVACCORD ADR took place on December 5th 2013.

The year 2013 saw an important investment for the training of our team, and the promotion of mediation in international affairs, political and intercultural.
It has been marked by many continuous trainings organised for the GENEVACCORD ADR members. They have been facilitated by several high level trainers, Swiss and international.
The year 2013 has also been very active: the president and several members of the group participated to and intervened in several European events on mediation.
The projects for 2014 are: a lunch roundtable for targeted guests (representatives, magistrates, attorneys, company leaders, journalists) on the January 30th of January, and an international event planned for November 2014.

Our President was present to the GER (Exchange and Reflection Group) n°8 of the CMAP in Paris in the CCIP, on Thursday 19th December 2013, concerning the assessment of the activities of the year 2013, and the projects for the year 2014.

Brilliant meeting led by Mrs Sophie Henry, General Delegate CMAP (photo) with her entire staff.
The CMAP is in very good health and has shown a very attractive impulsion.

The year 2013 has been marked by a clear progression, of which here are the key elements.
The AREVA group joined the club of the companies who signed the Inter-companies ADR mediation charter of the CMAP.
Several partnerships coming from the CMAP have been implemented in Paris (example Ifomène) and internationally (example: service for companies with the Milan Arbitration Room), and also in Brussels, Morocco, New York, the Brazilian CCI, in Lebanon, in Mauritius, Kazakhstan, etc.
The CMAP started to sensitize magistrates to mediation, through roundtable lunches.
The CMAP has been granted by the European Commission with the qualification of mediators in member states.
The CMAP is present and active in Africa.
The CMAP was present at the Prague Forum, notably about the use of translators in mediation.

The 6th edition of the Francophone Mediation International Contest organised by the CMAP in Paris will take place in 2014, from March 17th to 20th.

GENEVACCORD ADR will try its best to bring international Belgium teams of contesters.

During the year 2014, there will be 3 to 4 basic trainings on inter-companies mediation, as well as refresher trainings for practising mediators.
The GER will have several themes, with international speakers, and a mediation training for Start Ups will be organised.
Trainings are also planned in Paris in the framework of the Law Masters, and for the Central Schools of Engineers in Paris.
The CMAP is working on collective mediation, according to the new current law.

GENEVACCORD ADR presented mediation at the « Future of Human Rights Forum ». 10th December 2013, UN organisation.

The Future of Human Rights Forum is an international non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to supporting and promoting reform initiatives in human rights institutions. Its members are human rights defenders, experts, UN and NOGs staff, etc.
On this International Day of Human Rights, celebrated each year on December 10th, FHFR organised a Forum in the International Conference Centre of Geneva (CICG).
GENEVACCORD ADR was represented by its president Guy A. Bottequin, who has been invited to speak in the panel "Civil Society Brainstorming: New Ideas and Initiatives". More than 150 persons were present, amongst which many high level guests : diplomats, NGOs presidents, UN representatives, etc.

The GENEVACCORD ADR speech replaced conflict mediation as a complementary and creative solution to petitions, demonstrations and other claims condemning human rights violations. Indeed, confidentiality makes conflict mediation a lot more efficient than huge media-covered actions, especially in some sensitive affairs. Of course; professionalism, ongoing training, independence, neutrality and complete impartiality of the mediator are sine qua none conditions, that have been put forward, to achieve satisfying, win-win results for the parties.

Poetic echo of the month, suggested by one of our consultant Me Raymonde Richter, attorney-mediator:

Wrong or right

" You never know who is right and who is wrong. It is difficult to judge.
For a long time, I used to prove everybody right.
Until this day when I realised that most people I used to prove right were wrong. So I was right. Consequently, I was wrong.
Wrong to prove right some people who were wrong to think they were right. Which means that, me who was not wrong, I had no reason to not prove wrong some people who claim they were right, when they were wrong!
I’m right, right? Since they were wrong! And without any reason!
Here, I insist, because..it happens that I am wrong as well.
But when I am wrong, I have my reason, that I do not give away.
This would be acknowledging that  I am wrong !!!
I’m right, right? As a matter of fact ...I also happen to prove right some people who are right.
But, again, this is wrong.
It is as if I were proving wrong people who are wrong. There is no reason !
To sum up, I think we are always wrong to try to prove ourselves right in front of people who have all the rights to believe they are not wrong! "

Thought by Raymond Devos