n°4 February 2014

The 3 minutes of GENEVACCORD ADR

GENEVACCORD ADR to take part in the international conference on 28 March 2014 organised by the Bar Association of Liege (Belgium) and the IMEF.

This international conference on mediation is being organised by the Bar Association of Liege, in partnership with the IMEF (Institute for Mediation in the Francophone Community), a foundation which brings together mediators from Quebec, Switzerland, France, Luxemburg and Belgium.
The conference is being organized under the coordination of Mme Isabelle Tasset, a lawyer, chartered mediator in family and social law, signatory of the charter of collaborative lawyers and lecturer at HELMO Haute Ecole.

GENEVACCORD ADR was invited by Mme Tasset to join the panel for 'The mediator as professional - lawyers have a key role in the mediation process', to be held from 11:00 to 12:00 and also featuring the following speakers:

  • Gilles LOPEZ, lawyer, president of the Bar Association of Saint-Etienne, mediator, president of the CNPM (training and mediation centre), IMEF;
  • Gabrielle PLANES, president of the ANM (national association of mediators) in Paris and co-president of the IMEF;
  • Martine VAN DER WIELEN, former lawyer of the Bar Association of Liege, mediator in the USA, member of the IMEF and the ANM;
  • Guy A. BOTTEQUIN, mediator certified by the Republic and Canton of Geneva (IMEF member).

Guy A. Bottequin will share his experience in commercial mediation, with particular regard to the role of legal counsel when assisting their clients in mediation.

Documents in French:   Poster     Full Programme

International Francophone Mediation Competition organized by the CMAP,
17 to 20 March 2014

GENEVACCORD ADR is officially supporting the two Swiss teams chosen to represent the Faculty of Law of the University of Neuchatel in the competition.
GENEVACCORD ADR will help to train the two teams from Neuchatel by sharing its experience, to help them achieve excellence in mediation practice and aim for a place on the podium.

In addition, the founder and president of GENEVACCORD ADR, Mr Guy A. Bottequin, will as in previous years be president of the jury. He will, of course, withdraw from the jury while the teams from Neuchatel are assessed.

Full details of the competition (French)

GENEVACCORD ADR approached by the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation (SCCM).

Through its co-president, Maître Jeremy Lack, lawyer/mediator, the SCCM invited GENEVACCORD ADR to organise and facilitate in November 2014 a workshop about the professionalisation and promotion of commercial mediation.

“How do we market mediation? How do we attract clients? What is the future for our profession as commercial conflict mediators?”

These are some of the many questions which will be addressed during this awareness-raising workshop, facilitated by Guy A. Bottequin.

January-February 2014 sees a high volume of press coverage.

Following the lunch debate organised by GENEVACCORD ADR (see page 2), an article appeared in the Economics section of the Geneva Tribune on February 3rd 2014.

A journalist from the Monde Economique was also at the lunch and reported on the event in the February/March 2014 edition.

In addition, two feature articles about mediation have appeared: one in French in the magazine Affaires Publiques and the other in English in the magazine Hors Ligne (see photo).

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Successful lunch debate organized by GENEVACCORD ADR on January 30th 2014 at the Parc des Eaux-Vives restaurant, to promote commercial conflict mediation.

To raise awareness on commercial mediation, GENEVACCORD ADR invited a range of leading figures to a lunch debate: more than 80 business leaders, insurance providers, lawyers, judges, journalists, architects, notaries and doctors were present. We also had the honour of welcoming Mister Roger Golay, National Counsellor, the two co-presidents of the section Romande of the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation (SCCM), Sirs Jean Gay end Jeremy Lack, as well as Madam Fabienne Bugnon, Protector of Rights of the Geneva State, who was representing Mister Pierre Maudet, Geneva State Counsellor in charge of the Security and Economy Department (DES).
Two speakers
spoke for about 15 minutes each: Maître Patrick-Etienne Dimier, lawyer/mediator and Vice-president of GENEVACCORD ADR, then its founder and President Guy A. Bottequin, mediator certified by the Republic and Canton of Geneva. The latter stressed the importance of mediators undergoing continuing training and paying attention to their posture and body language.
Download the texts of the speeches (French): P.E Dimier - G.A Bottequin

After the main course, there was a surprise item which the lunch guests found really moving: three witnesses recounted their different experiences of mediation with GENEVACCORD ADR. The witnesses gave a sincere and concise account to the group. GENEVACCORD ADR extends warm thanks to the witnesses for sharing their feelings with those present.
Finally, two leading figures gave an evaluation of the speakers' performance, indicating whether they had found them convincing: Mrs Magali Orsini, Member of Parliament, and M. Roland Ray, director of Quorum, reported positive impressions, while retaining the critical eye required by their position.

The lunch debate was chaired by M. George Potriquet, a mediator and journalist, who came especially from Paris and donned his Toastmaster's “outfit” for the occasion. We give him our warm thanks for his excellence performance.
We welcomed the presence of the President of the International Court of Mediation, M. Stephan Delekian, and the head of external relations, M. Rodny Daniel, both of whom had also travelled from Paris.
After the event 67 guests sent us a thank you note or email within two days, congratulating us on the successful event and expressing their interest in conflict mediation.

GENEVACCORD ADR website in English.

Our entire website is now available in English:  http://genevaccord.com/en

Please take a look and send the link to your English speaking contacts!

We are currently working on the Spanish translation.

Poetic reflection of the month of GENEVACCORD ADR:

GENEVACCORD ADR strives to change attitudes, so that priority is given to conflict mediation, rather than cut-off decisions by the Court.

“The spirit you want spoils the one you don't have.” Lucien Guitry

From the Dictionnaire Humoristique, Albin Michel 1965, page 87