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The 3 minutes of GENEVACCORD ADR


The benefits of mediation for lawyers
Article by Cinthia Lévy, lawyer and mediator,
published in the Revue de l’avocat, 11/12/2013.

"Some lawyers are against mediation in principle; others look favourably on it but do not use mediation in legal counsel. Others, however, practice mediation and recommend it to their clients, because they can see the benefits not only for the client but also for themselves.
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the benefits that mediation can bring for lawyers when they support their clients through the process, acting as legal counsel."

Cinthia Lévy
LLM, FSA lawyer and mediator, Lecturer in the Faculty of Law at UNIL and UNIGE,
FSA accredited mediator, SCCM, WIPO, CAS, Federal Mediation Commission of Belgium,
Vice President of the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation,
French-speaking section
Board member of the Chamber of Mediation, Bar Association of Vaud.

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Our Vice Pr
esident Patrick-Etienne Dimier attends CMAP's International Francophone Mediation Competition.

We mentioned this competition in our February edition.
Patrick-Etienne Dimier took part on Tuesday 18 March 2014, acting as chairman of the jury for two candidates in their respective role play as apprentice mediators.

We are also delighted to announce that the 2014 International Francophone Mediation Competition was won by the University of Neuchâtel team.
We congratulate them warmly!!

GENEVACCORD ADR has been following this competition closely from the start.
We hope that others in French-speaking Switzerland will be inspired as a result of the Swiss team's success, and other universities and Grandes Ecoles will join Neuchâtel in the mediation venture.

Please contact us for further information:

GENEVACCORD ADR and FG Communication offer exclusive specialist training!

Verbal and non-verbal communication
applied to mediation

In conflict mediation, even more than in any other field, we must work on and master our posture, bearing, gaze, body language and everything which goes to make up non-verbal or para-verbal communication.
We must learn to control our bodies, to speak with our bodies, sometimes remaining intentionally silent, and to master the art of body language.
As a professional mediator our attitude will be interpreted by both parties, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Oral expression techniques, manner, posture, bearing, intonation, engagement and intention are some of the many topics we are able to cover, thanks to the combined expertise of our two organizations.

The 3 day training (2 days of training with an evaluation session 6 months later) will cover both theory and practice. Role play, using real scenarios, will allow objective, individual feedback through the use of video.

For further information, contact our assistants: mediation-adr@genevaccord.com

En savoir plus
A partnership between:

Médiateurs et Avocats – Ennemis ? Alliés ?
(Mediators and Lawyers – Enemies or Allies?)
By Sylvie Adijès and Helen Lesser.

A new book written by mediation colleagues in Paris, issued on 21 March.

Mediators and Lawyers  – Enemies or Allies?
Over the last few decades, mediation has come to be used in more sectors. It is now more common for mediators to work alongside lawyers, who are themselves developing an interest in learning mediation. These cross-overs are giving rise to some problems, of a relational, economic, political and even ethical nature. The interaction between these two professional fields raises questions. How do they see their places and roles in the mediation process?
The authors have investigated this issue. They set out the results in their book, based on real-life experiences in mediation and on testimonies. Their own experience and analysis help to throw light on the discussion. Laying prejudice aside, each party is encouraged to better understand the specific skills of the other, in the interest of those affected by conflict.

Sylvie Adijès is a member of GENEV­A­CCORD ADR, as one of our foreign corre­spondents.


Sylvie Adijès
et Hélène Lesser
Préface d’Arnaud Stimec

Ed. Médias et Médiations

Format 14,5 x 21 cm
Retail price incl. VAT: 20,00 €

ISBN 979-10-91871-04-4
EAN 9791091871044

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GENEVACCORD ADR working "behind the scenes"

Our president, Guy A. Bottequin, was invited by the President of the Alliance Française of Geneva, Madame Chrystel Girod, to the Palais des Nations to attend the debating contest between two renowned lawyers and speakers : Maître Alain Marti and Maître Marc Bonnant. The debate, on 13 March 2014, was on the topic "Decline and rebirth of the French language".
A remarkable example of rhetorical argument; a shame more people could not have witnessed it!

We have also continued to forge international links, and have strengthened our partnerships in Switzerland and abroad.

The aim of this approach is to promote mediation in the French-speaking world, supporting all mediators, in Switzerland and in other French-speaking countries.

Publication of an article on conflict mediation by GENEVACCORD ADR in the specialist magazine Affaires Publiques.

Article in the magazine
Affaires Publiques

March 2014

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Poetic reflection of the month from GENEVACCORD ADR:

This reflection highlights the introduction of our new training in collaboration with FG Communication (Paris) on the art of verbal and non-verbal behaviour (see page 1), as suggested by our colleague M Patrick Goujon :

"Our body causes us problems in that, as soon as it stops receiving orders, it takes command. However, it is not able to work in opposing ways at the same time; a hand must be either open or closed. If you open your hand, you let go of all the troubling thoughts that you were holding in your closed fist. "

ALAIN, Happiness