It is important to mention that, in Switzerland, 87.5% of conflicts that underwent the mediation process reach an agreeable solution, a testament to its usefulness and efficiency. Hence, three out of four mediations yield a positive outcome and, in about 80% of cases, in under thirty hours. The average conventional (civil) mediation lasts about two months whereas a judicial mediation can last up to three months.

A haven for dialogue

Mediation is singular in that it traces a conflict back to its origin and revolves around the protagonists. In court proceedings, both parties have often severed all ties and have but a narrow timeframe to express themselves to a judge. Mediation presents the opportunity to restore a constructive dialog while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality.Through the mastery of the mediator’s use of seemingly benign, light and iterative questioning, the intentional creation of positive silences as well as other proven techniques, both parties can objectively and maturely assess their common interests. Mutual trust is reestablished and thus conflict resolution through dialog facilitated.

An efficient and cost effective solution

When compared to court proceedings, traditionally lengthy and costly, mediation allows to avoid letting a conflict become a litigation, which can sometimes last several years and become a substantial burden for businesses. Simple and accessible, mediation is synonymous with savings - in time, energy and money - which is a considerable benefit to both parties, but also indirectly to jurisdictions and taxpayers in general.

A Win - Win outcome

The main objective of the mediation is to allow parties to find, together, a reasonable and mutually beneficial solution without giving up their stance through flexibility and creativity. In contrast with legal judgements and verdicts, which simply render an unequivocal decision and sometimes a questionable one at best; mediation leaves no one feeling cheated, frustrated or defeated.
Both parties allow themselves the possibility to maintain a relationship without rancor.